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With more than 380 superior employees, we keep developing and improving our products that makes us available to offer the most comprehensive solutions in many applications, such as water, power station, petroleum, gas, chemistry, water treatment and etc. In the Meanwhile, we concentrates on the after sales service and customers’ feedback.

  • Orbit Ball Valve

    Orbit Ball Valve

    1)Material: SS304 316 304L 316L stainless steel body and disc 2)SIZE: 1/2"~4"(DN15~DN100) 3)Connect: Clamped End/Welded/Threaded/Union 4)Driving ways: By...

  • Three Way Ball Valve

    Three Way Ball Valve

    Basic Info · Model NO.: 3 Way Ball Valve · Connection Form: Union · Nominal Pressure: PN1.0-32.0MPa · Structure: Floating Ball Valve · Function: Flow...

  • Top Entry Trunnion Ball Valve

    Top Entry Trunnion Ball Valve

    Basic Info · Material: Stainless Steel · Driving Mode: Pneumatic · Channel: Straight Through Type · Type: Trunnion Ball Valve · Application: Industrial...

  • Welding Trunnion Ball Valve

    Welding Trunnion Ball Valve

    Basic Info · Model NO.: · Connection Form: Welding · Nominal Pressure: ANSI CLASS 150-900 · Structure: Fixed Ball Valve · Function: Blow-Down Valve ·...

  • Cast Trunnion Ball Valve

    Cast Trunnion Ball Valve

    Basic Info. Product Description Cast Trunnion Ball Valve Size: 2" -40" Model: Q41F Pressure: 150LB Applicable Medium: Steam,Water,Oil,etc....

  • Forged Trunnion Ball Valve

    Forged Trunnion Ball Valve

    Basic Info. Product Description Forged Trunnion Ball Valve Size : 4~40"(DN100~DN1000) Rating : 150LB~900LB (PN16 ~ PN150) Connection:RF,RTJ,FF,FM...


About TianGong

Tiangong Valve Group Co., Ltd. established in 1985, has over 30 years’ experience of valve designing, manufacturing and distributing.

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Butterfly Valve

Butterfly Valve​Butterfly valve, also known as flap valve, is a simple structure of the control valve can be used for low-pressure pipeline media control switch butterfly valve means...